I’m excited to introduce to you “The Top 20 True-life Inspiring Stories That Touch The Heart”! Please vote for the most inspiring story. Voting starts on September 1st and ends on Oct 2nd 2016.

The couple with the most inspiring story wins a cash prize of 1,000 US dollars. The stories are displayed with the first names of the couples with these stories and their countries of origin. The full identity of the winner (couple) with the most inspiring story will be revealed to the public on October 3rd 2016. The stories capture the couples’ pleasant experiences and challenges in their marriage journey, what has strengthened or sustained their relationships as couples and their source of strength. Also, the lessons learnt and what they are learning in their marriage journey are highlighted basically to encourage other married couples and singles who have the intent of getting married someday. I hope these stories inspire someone today! Relax, read and enjoy these captivating, educative and true-life inspiring stories. Remember to vote for the story that inspires you most!



Victor & Ronke Taiwo

Victor & Ronke Taiwo

The Top 20 True-Life Inspiring Stories That Touch The Heart