Panel of Jury

Panel of Jury


Leanne Evanochko

I am a 37 year old homeschooling mother of two boys (8 and 6). My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in September 2016. Both of us grew up non-christian and came to know God after our first son was born. Throughout our marriage we have been through many difficult situations such as addictions, bankruptcy, and depression. Through the grace of God we are growing closer to Him and each other.


Richard Adamkewicz

My wife Randi and I have been married for eleven years and we have three children. Marriage is about relationship and learning about one another, growing and accommodating one another, always acting in love. This was difficult for me, which made it unlivable for my wife, the woman whom I swore to protect and take care of. I lost many good years as a husband and father being focused on myself. It wasn’t until I reached out to my faith, to my doctor and listened to my wife that things started to turn around. Life had a hold of me and I lost myself, now I see the future that I want to have with my wife and children.Marriage is not always a honeymoon, but as I learn to grow with my wife thinking of her before myself and acting out of love for her and our children, our marriage will soon become better than that honeymoon.


Mel Child

Todd and I have been married since 2002. Two years and many arguments and fights later, our first son was born, followed in rapid succession by 2 more boys and a girl. In 2011, we experienced the worst trauma and test of our lives when our second son, Nathan, passed away from a serious and previously undiagnosed illness. We have and are still learning that our God is faithful through it all. Our marriage survived and although we still fight, now we are fighting for our marriage and have learned to listen to each other.


Maureen Duckworth

My husband Mike and I are working on our fourth decade of marriage. We’ve had six children with the youngest under eighteen and still at home.We are blessed grandparents of three grand-daughters, two grandsons as well as two grand-kitties. The secret to our longevity is to laugh together, cry together,share together, forgive together and most importantly pray together. Throughout all of our challenges the Lord has been the glue that strengthens and holds our relationship intact. My heartfelt prayer is for all to experience love, joy and unity in their marriage!