Singing is a way of life for me, I just can’t stop. Music allows me to express myself, heals and motivates me to look forward to another day. Seeing faces lit up when I sing and making my listeners hope again gives me so much joy.

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  1. Funmi!! This is great, I wish them happy married life.

  2. I have been checking out a few of your stories and i must say clever
    stuff. I will definitely bookmark your website.

  3. From the day I could differentiate my left from right, I have querried why music wasn’t regarded as another religion…. If it did earn it, many would pitch their faith therein… Music is life. Music gives life.

  4. I sincerely appreciate your effort to bring on an idea like this. It will definately go a long way to saving the future of prospective couples and also already established marriages… The lyrics of your song, choice of dressings also speak volume of a pious woman; a good example for others. Kudos!

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